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                中文切換 英文 Welcome! Favorites

                Toneluck Co.,Ltd

                No.20 Xin Lian Dong Road, Shui Kou Street, Hui Cheng District, Huizhou City,Guangdong Province, China

                Tel: 86-752-5801888

                Fax: 86-752-5801888-601

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                Since 1976 when we first established in Hong Kong, we already become a Group company with a number of registered subsidiaries home and abroad. Our factory has more than 2,000 employees, and occupied a place nearly 30,000 square meters. We develop and produce electro-mechanical switches, sensors, plastic, & metal parts. After thirty-five years of restless efforts and continuous development, we achieved fruitful development and progress in the field of precision molding, injection / over-molding, metal parts fabrication, electroplating, manufacturing automation and application testing technology.  We continue to develop new products for home appliances and automotive components industry, and accumulated valuable experiences in development and production.

                We develop and produce various types of precision switches to meet the demand for consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, automobiles, electrical and medical, etc… We also pursue zero defect philosophy to ensure reliable performance, and taking into account end user's application. This is the reason we earned the trust of international market leaders in PBAX phones, musical mixers, household gas appliances, washing machines, dishwashers, automotive air conditioning, automotive door locks, and automotive sensor, etc…and occupied a position as an Asian supplier in these high-end components market. TONELUCK has now become a world-renowned brand in the micro-switch and pressure sensor field.

                Our persevere to respect corporate mission "Let's contribute to a better value" is the basis to implement Total Quality Management. We work closely with customers and suppliers, continuous upgrade product quality, and strive to provide customers with better solutions and services. Through the corporation with famous US & European automotive components manufacturer, we earned the advanced design and management ideology, established a complete ERP system, and passed the ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 quality management system plus achieved the ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

                Our market covers nearly every corner of the Globe include Europe, America, and Middle East. Facing with the ever challenging environment, we will continuous to absorb excellent technology and management talents, and focus on developing switches and injection molding parts. We adhere a serious & professional attitude to pursuit remarkable result from the coming new tide of products in domestic appliances and automotive electrical parts market!

                Shui Kou, Huizhou, Guandong Province,China.Tel: 86-752-5801888 Fax: 86-752-5801888-601
                2012 Copyright: Toneluck Co.,Ltd